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The ART-WTR Company is one of the most trusted water specialists in India, offers an array of excellent quality yet affordable Premium Packaged Drinking water ionizer products. In the world full of health-hacks and confusion of workout ideas, a multitude of diets plans everybody needs to just relax, and have some more water.
After all we all are made up of around 70% of water.So why not to enhance that...?
ART-WTR is a premium enhanced water with upgraded pH above 9.4 minerals and electrolytes.It provide a more lasting solution for your body to adapt a healthy and active lifestyle by simply drinking a water that is ART-WTR. Our experience in the industry and knowledge on the demand of the customers and latest filtration technologies have given us the opportunity to continuously improve our performance and product offering.
It has always been our mission to provide affordable and innovative products to both industries and individuals seeking better health and wellness. The plastic which has been used in the premium packaging of the ART-WTR is the premium and the degradable plastic which does not allow anykind of bacteria and the diseases to mix up in the water.

Did you know ?
The major modern day woes such as weight-issues, skin problems, lack of vitality, low energy levels, joint pains etc.Are the result of unhealthy and acidic Lifestyles. Everything from processed foods, popular beverages with high-sugar content, and even a stressful life, increases your body’s acidic levels and give the major impact on your health. The opposite of acidity is Alkalinity. Thus the most natural solution to combat an acidic lifestyle, is to embrace an Alkaline and to boost up your healthy Lifestyle.So to enhance the alkalinity in your life just by drinking an ART-WTR.

The ART-WTR is the water which will boost up your immunity in this world full of stress and tensions.The point which makes our product different from others is that it comes in the premium quality of plastic packaging that does not allow anykind of bacteria to enter into the bottle.The ART-WTR will definitely help to provide a better immune system.It will prevent the diseases which impacts your stomach.So as your stomach is free from diseases you will definitely enjoy your life.

The ART-WTR also nourishes your skin and brings the natural shine on your skin…. A healthy stomach is a sign of a healthy and a joyful life.So you can have a healthy and a joyful life just by adapting a healthy drinking manner.So you can stay healthy and fit just by drinking ART-WTR.

How does the ART-WTR purification process differ from other brands of bottled water?

While other brands of bottled water may also have similar purification steps such as reverse osmosis and ozonation, ART-WTR has an extensive purification system that delivers pure water with perfect taste. At ART-WTR , we understand that when you pay for bottled water, you expect consistent purity and great taste. That's why ART-WTR has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in purification processes and exceeds purity standards set by the federal government.

Our Mission

We must have world class quality, at the lowest production and distribution cost. This will make us an unbeatable leader, and we will have satisfied loyal customers and also Provide a excellent quality Of product with good quantity and easily affordable price.With a fresh look which give a new look to the holder. This will make us unbeatable leader , and we will have satisfied loyal customers.

Our Plan

We at ART-WTR are committed to providing our consumers with pure, safe and healthy drinking water. Hence ART-WTR is our Promise of Goodness. Always grow our graph of progress up with consistency in our integrity.

Always grow our graph of progress up with consistency

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the dominant player in the branded water business. We must expand and be a leader in the premium beverage category. Take the name of our brand to the top in the list of water brands. with our hardwork And smartwork.

Always grow our graph


Premimum Package Drinking ionized water is used for drinking and cooking, and provides users with several important health benefits.


ART-WTR has ultra-hydrating properties as compared to normal water. This can be a beneficial drink for people who work out on a daily basis and require more amount of water in their body. Scientifically speaking, the water molecules in Premium Package Drinking Water are smaller and more readily absorbed by your cells, which help your body re-hydrate quickly.


Antioxidants help your body recover from disease and heavy exercise, and they have the physical benefit of slowing down your skin’s aging process. Antioxidants improve your inner and outer health, and they come in a variety of delicious foods and Premimum Package Drinking Water.


Dehydration lowers your blood volume, so your heart must work harder to pump the reduced amount of blood and get enough oxygen to your cells, which makes everyday activities like walking up stairs–as well as exercise–more difficult.


Contains higher concentrations of Premimum Package Drinking minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium which are vital to human health.Regular consumption of mineral water improves bone health and helps prevent diseases such as reduced post-menopausal bone density (osteoporosis) in women. It also maintains muscle performance with its magnesium content.


Pollution and stress take a toll on your skin. QUA, through its natural renewal process, promotes radiant, healthy and younger looking skin. It helps to hydrate and increase their elasticity, making them look healthy and fresh. In addition, it works as a detoxifier and blood cleanser, preventing acne and other dermatological and capillary problems.Water is the key to enhancing your beauty and to prolonging your youthful look. Consuming an adequate amount of water everyday gives you fresh, soft and glowing skin.


Detoxification is a popular claim for many diets, cleanses and nutrition products like detox water. Detox products often claim to facilitate health and well-being by eliminating toxins from the body and aiding in weight loss.Today's hectic lifestyle contributes to the build-up of toxins in the body. QUA improves the body's cleansing process by flushing out the body with organic minerals and restoring it to its optimal condition.


You can use micellar water as a light face wash. Its consistency is just that—lightweight, easy to apply, refreshing and doesn’t leave your skin feeling oily like some of those oil-based face washes and makeup removers. Best of all? It’s so nourishing and hydrating that you don’t even have to rinse!Without soap, alcohol, or other harsh chemicals and detergents to dry out the skin, micellar water conveniently leaves your face feeling hydrated with a glowy, dewy finish.


All of the cells and organs within your body require water to function properly. Water helps to keep joints lubricated, your spinal cord protected, and your digestive tract moving smoothly. It even assists in the breakdown of minerals or nutrients for better absorption. As if that weren’t enough, water is also essential to temperature regulation.


Water suppresses your appetite, so you don't eat as much. Drinking plenty of water also prevents fluid retention, making you look slim and trim.Reduces the body’s need for fatty tissues which protect vital organs from acidity by storing acidic waste in less critical parts of the body.


Premimum Package Drinking ionized water is used for drinking and cooking, and provides users with several important health benefits.


Helps to neutralize free radicals that can cause cellular and DNA damage.







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